28 novembro 2011

|Mixtape| To Dita With Love - Monarchy

Se liga na mixtape que o Monarchy fez, e não podia ter um nome mais ideal: To Dita With Love. Além do nome, a mixtape tá um babado só!

1. Memories of the Future - Oliver
2. The Sound of Violence (Aeroplane remix) - Cassius
3. White Knuckle Ride (Monarchy dub remix) - Jamiroquai
4. Love's Down - Nist and Elijah Collins
5. Everything Goes My Way (Ewan Pearson remix) - Metronomy
6. The Comeback - Pillowtalk
7. Hoping (Herbert's High Dub) - Louie Austen
8. I Won't Let Go (Bag Raiders remix) - Monarchy
9. Nightcall (Robotiki remix) - Kavinsky
10. 2People (DCup remix) - Jean Jacques Smoothie
11. Keep Up With You (Louie Le Rouche remix) - Teenage Bad Girl
12. Everybody - Benoit and Sergio
13. Love Get Out of My Way (Tim Goldsworthy Remix) - Monarchy
14. Midnight City (Team Ghost remix) - M83

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